If you’re installing or upgrading a UPS, a DC System or looking for repair service and maintenance agreements you’ll discover significant advantages in doing business with us. Many of which are benefits that our competitors either cannot or will not deliver.

Here's one example:

If you ask any service provider about their response time guarantee, most guarantee 4 hours. Ask, “What if they miss the 4-hour window?” You may hear stories of how it’s never happened before.

At Powerwave we don’t tell stories. Instead, we’ll quote from our maintenance agreement – “If we arrive beyond our 4-hour response time commitment you don’t pay for the service.”

Now, that’s a guarantee. Don’t you think?

We know your priority is to ensure your datacenter has flawless, uninterruptable uptime. Your reputation is at stake and possibly even your job. Don’t risk the most critical element of your system to just anybody. Explore our site and discover more ways that Powerwave delivers added value and competence for your money in every aspect of your UPS purchase or maintenance.

New and refurbished units available for purchase, lease or rentals.

We’re reliable because the grid isn’t.


About Us

At Powerwave Energy Solutions, our priority is to maintain your critical power equipment so that it operates reliably, efficiently and within the manufacturer’s specifications.


The right UPS and service provider can mean years of trouble-free operation if you choose wisely.


If your UPS is in alarm condition and your data center is vulnerable, we suggest you call us immediately whether you are currently a customer or not - regardless of make and model.

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