If your UPS is in alarm condition and your data center is vulnerable, we suggest you call us immediately whether you are currently a customer or not - regardless of make and model. We’ll focus on getting there as quickly as possible to bring your system back to normal. The paperwork can wait – your priority is our priority.

Our Maintenance Agreements Are Comparatively Priced But There Is No Comparison To Our Service Level And Competency

You may be surprised to learn that 94% of our maintenance customers stay with us and renew each year. The ones that don’t usually leave because they purchased new equipment with warranty. Most of them came to us because they were fed up with slow response, lack of technical competence and generally poor customer service. Once we have you as a customer, we want you to stay with us – we’ll do what it takes to exceed your expectations.

  • If we don’t answer when you call, we’ll get back to you within 30 minutes. (It’s policy)
  • For emergency service we keep 4 technicians on call 24/7
  • Our techs are factory trained. (Our policy requires ongoing training) When they arrive they’ll know exactly what to do.

What Nobody Ever Tells You About UPS Maintenance Agreements

Buying a maintenance agreement for your UPS is similar to buying an insurance policy for your home or business. There are varying degrees of coverage and cost differences can be significant from one supplier to the next. We have created a document to give you valuable information that you need to know to protect yourself. It’s called, quite simply, “Ten Things To Know Before Signing A Maintenance Agreement” - Click here to get it now

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